New Perspectives Holds 1st Annual Tribute to Women

March 30th, 2004 was a milestone for New Perspectives. This year they held the 1st Annual “Wind Beneath Our Wings” a unique tribute to women at The Chateau Briand in Woodbury, NY. Those who were honored for their contributions to their communities were:

Anita Mancini
Bobbi Giordano
Carol Carter
Carol McNally
Geri Barish
Gina Slater Parker
Joanne Quinn
Hon. Kate Murray
Rev. Betty Neal
Roberta Richin
Sara Fusco
Sonia Palacio-Grottola
Tamara Pelosi

Us Against Abuse wishes to congratulate these individuals for their tireless efforts to educate, inform, and affect our communities for the better.
***Special recognition goes to Julie Hernandez, the driving force behind New Perspectives .* Many thanks to those who attended and participated to make this event special for us all.