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•ZClique• Listen. Learn, Love …
Club for , by and about kidZ guided by caring adult facilitators. Empowering and
encouraging youth to think, act and make wise decisions & choices. Respect, Restraint
& Responsibility along with developing life, business & entrepreneurial skills as it’s main focus.
Team building 4 Life
•Communication Wave The Power to shape the future!” A multi-media center that
creates projects to foster understanding with hands on experience in a real studio
and community radio station. Training in multi-media, audio, video, & other art forms.
Watch for RXA community radio….
JOIN US and be part of being a Dream BELIEVER & RECEIVER!


                            ZClique Membership Form

                                     Please print and complete it, then mail to the address above
                                 to print just the form highlight it go to file print and click selection


Present Age_________ Date of Birth_____________

Achievement’s, Hobbies_____________________________________________________________________________




I agree to be part of ZClique(Young Ambassador TEAM) and grant permission for  my ideas, story and photograph(s) to be published and displayed in  any Us Against Abuse Project: (Books, Magazines, Newsletters, Website, Calendars, Posters, Exhibits, Radio & Television Programs, etc.) created by Us Against Abuse) Organization agrees to give credit in proper manner at all times.

Anyone under 21 must  have consent below signed


Kid's Signature________________________________________________________Date_________________

PARENT'S / GUARDIAN'S NAME____________________________________________________________________



I grant permission for  my child to participate in Zclique and the use of material as above stated.
Parent's / Guardian's Signature
(Required if nominee is now under 21)